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NEW YORK, March 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Medix, a data and technology driven medical management company, announced today the opening of its new headquarters in New York, as it expands into North America to bring its unique virtual care models and health management services to the American people, and to drive change in the way healthcare is delivered. Kelvyn Young, an internationally renowned healthcare leader, is spearheading the company's entry into the market, serving as Head of Americas.      

Medix has been pioneering virtual care for more than 15 years, providing an array of personalized health management services to over seven million customers, across more than 90 different countries. Now, more than two years into the pandemic, in response to the ever-growing demand working its way through the fragmented American healthcare system, Medix recognizes the urgent need to put Americans in charge of their own health and accelerate its plans to enter the U.S. market.

"Our vast global experience, existing technologies, and roadmap are continuing to unlock immense growth opportunities in the healthcare space and enable us to further drive impact and scale," said Sigal Atzmon, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of the Medix Group. "Following our establishment in Europe and the Middle East, Medix chose to further expand into some of the most challenging markets across Asia. While we already have long standing experience servicing American individuals and large corporations, the timing has never been so right to create our permanent presence in the U.S."    

Young was previously Global Head of Life and Health Partnerships at Swiss Re, where he worked for more than 15 years. He led the launch of some of the most advanced health insurance products globally, while also focusing on digital health solutions, including diabetes management, early cancer detection and the development of a groundbreaking mental health solution.

"Medix will reinvent the way American people access and consume healthcare," said Young. "By using AI and data that enable us to better understand our customers, we help people navigate the healthcare system in a very different, simplified and personalized way and provide a reliable, one-stop shop for their medical needs. We are here to bring the future of healthcare to Americans, today."    

By combining digital platforms with human-touch virtual services, Medix provides borderless, accessible medical management solutions for people at every moment in their life and health journey, regardless of where they are. As a shared value company, Medix's care models democratize healthcare, reduce unwarranted healthcare variations, and empower individuals with the tools they need to make affordable, optimal health and medical choices. Medix's services provide proven better medical outcomes to its customers, correcting the diagnosis in 20% of cases managed and changing the recommended treatment in 43% of cases. Medix has also helped avoid unnecessary major treatments, procedures, and surgeries in 18% of cases managed globally.               

Medix will soon launch a new app, a vital tool which acts as a personalized, one-stop shop mobile health management platform, delivering access to optimized care and better medical outcomes. Members can securely upload, access, manage and share their medical information, providing continuity of care. It also empowers individuals to assess medical risk via proprietary algorithms, better understand their health conditions and take action by accessing Medix's variety of telehealth management services wherever they may be. This app reflects Medix's ongoing commitment to digital health innovation. All customers will be able to access and download the Medix App on app stores.

Medix partners with relevant stakeholders when deploying its services to streamline the healthcare process. Medix guides customers every step of the way, from prevention, to diagnosis, from response to serious diseases to rehabilitation, relying on the expertise of its 300 in-house doctors, its global quality accredited network of over 4,500 world leading specialists and more than 2000 hospitals. Medix empowers patients and their doctors alike and proactively works on behalf of its customers to ensure the approach to their care is holistic, continuous and affordable every step of the way.

About Medix

Established in 2006, Medix provides global data and technology driven medical management services making healthcare more accessible, personalized, navigable and affordable. 

With offices in New York, London, Munich, Tel Aviv, Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Melbourne, Mumbai and Hong Kong, Medix's client base includes millions of customers, spread across more than 90 countries. Medix services offer its clients—primarily health & life insurers, employers, financial groups, corporates/employers' consumer driven retailers, distributors and governmental institutions—significant added value in the world of healthcare, helping them to transform their approach from being just health payers to becoming real health partners.

Medix's services include:

  • Disease Prevention & Early Diagnostics
  • Self Triage Digital Platform (Digital HRAs)
  • Personal Medical Management & Navigation
  • Digital Health & AI Solutions
  • Virtual Specialists Care
  • Covid-19 Virtual Home Care
  • Local/Global Medical Concierge 
  • Services for High Mobility Employees
  • Rehabilitation Management Services
  • Mental Health Management
  • Polypharmacy Management
  • Clinical Strategy Consultations
  • Medical Governance Services
  • Home Care (certain countries only)

Medix's services blend the personal care provided by dedicated teams with innovative data-driven AI and digital tools that demonstrably raise global care standards, optimize clinical pathways, and improve health outcomes while reducing cost.

Medix is a shared value company, driving social and economic growth in the societies in which we operate.