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Healthcare Pride!

Healthcare Pride!
The LGBTQ+ community is rising these days. Many individuals have come up and declared their support or have gotten out of the closet as they say. But even though they are already accepted in most of our communities, many people still can't accept them. Like in most national or State surveys, sexual orientation and gender identity questions are not asked making it difficult to estimate the number of LGBTQ+ individuals in our area and their health needs.
There have been researches conducted that suggests that LGBTQ+ individuals have health disparities that are linked to societal stigma, discrimination and denial to their civil and social rights. And these leads to high rates of psychiatric disorders, substance abuse and suicides. Violence and victimization are also frequent for LGBTQ+ individuals that create a long lasting effect on the individual and the community. Personal, family and social acceptance clearly affects the mental health of these individuals.
All of us need healthcare. Yet, for the LGBTQ+ individuals, these basic and essential care services can be difficult to access. Because of the discrimination that other people are giving these individuals, they really have a big problem in obtaining these services which all of us are entitled.
We need to educate our health workers and the public of the challenges that the LGBTQ+ community are facing. To help them receive the right healthcare they need that is given to all sexes, sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions.
In addition to considering the healthcare needs of the LGBTQ+ people, they also need culturally competent medical care services that are specific to their population. They have increased risk for a number of health threats compared to their heterosexual peers. Sexual behaviors account for these disparities.