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Mobile Infirmary nurses, unsung heroes amid the pandemic

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The coronavirus pandemic is far from over, and with hospitals not allowing visitors, plus other restrictions, nursing and medical staff have had to step into new roles and responsibilities.

Mobile Infirmary Chief Nursing Officer Ursula Lawrence spoke with us about what life is like as a nurse during this pandemic. She says her nursing staff has had to wear many hats during this time of crisis. “It’s as if it’s part of their job. It definitely has added more steps to their job, but they feel it is their calling.”

The new roles of these nurses is endless though, having to adapt to their surroundings and use things like Facetime and phone calls to keep families informed of the patients and how things are looking. Really acting as an extended family member while the family members are not allowed to be there physically.

Lawrence says her staff hasn’t skipped a beat. She says her and the physicians continually ask the nurses how they are doing and they always answer the same way, “They say we’re good. We can’t leave our team patients and our families. So they’re strong and I’m sure that they leave here everyday carrying that burden with them,” Lawrence says.

And of course with numbers on the rise and continuing to climb, the nurses and staff at Mobile Infirmary and beyond say they are ready for this to last awhile. She concluded by saying, “No matter what wave we are on, you have to be mentally and physically ready and supportive to the nursing staff.”