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Nickel: How many Olympians also work full time as nurses during a pandemic? Meet Nina Roth


How many Olympians hold down full-time jobs even as they train for their sport?

And how of those jobs are in nursing, in a two-year pandemic?

So if you see Nina Roth chasing a nearly 2-year-old around a park in Madison, stopping only once in a while to do a set of pull-ups on the monkey bars herself, don’t worry – she’s not lost her marbles.

She’s just … multi-tasking-training.

Roth is headed to Beijing in a matter of weeks as part of Team Peterson. This will be her second Olympics, and everything is different this year. Her life, her work, even her position.

But it’s all good because her son, Nolan, will turn 2 in February while she’s competing for a medal. And she decided to keep working at her job, despite all the additional challenges from COVID-19.