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Veteran Connection: Nurse recruiter on a mission to find the best for our veterans

Veteran Connection: Nurse recruiter on a mission to find the best for our veterans

Providing an excellent health care experience to our nation’s heroes begins with recruiting a first-class team of professionals who have a passion for what they do.

Leslie Davis is a nurse recruiter for the Eastern Oklahoma VA Health Care System, and her mission is to find the best quality nurses to care for our veterans.

“I grew up within the walls of the VA,” Davis said. “My grandpa was a World War II veteran and frequented the Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Center for treatment. I did not come from a family of nurses, but I decided after two semesters of clinical rotations at VA that this would be my forever job. I love representing VA and all the wonderful things we bring to the table.”

Davis, who has been a nurse for 11 years, also teaches clinicals at a local college and loves to share her experience and passion with her nursing students.

“The veterans are my favorite part of being a nurse at VA,” Davis said. “We serve the best population! They have the best jokes, stories, and hobbies. They are respectful and appreciative. Their outlook on life is something we can all aspire to. They truly are America’s heroes!” 

As a nurse recruiter, Davis has an important goal in mind – find and retain the best nursing staff to care for the veterans of Eastern Oklahoma.

“We want to recruit the best talent for our veterans,” Davis said. “And it is important to match a nurse to the right position, because retaining our excellent nursing staff is also important.” 

Each year, nurses are recognized across the country during National Nurses Week, May 6-12, for the crucial role they play in veterans’ long-term, holistic health. Davis and fellow Nurse Recruiter Kathy Lawrence have been busy leading the celebration for VA nurses locally to show appreciation for all they do that keeps veterans’ spirits lifted.

“We get to be cheerleaders, voices for nursing, and leaders,” Lawrence said. “Nurse recruiting is just as much about retaining our excellent staff as it is finding new staff.”

Davis agreed adding her own thoughts, “I am very excited to be a part of the efforts to recognize our amazing nursing staff through support, engagement and recognition. As a nurse, it’s nice to get the little gifts and food, but what matters most are those meaningful moments that make you smile. Make sure you tell your favorite nursing staff what they mean to you.”

While all staff at VA play a vital role in keeping our veterans healthy and happy, this month we celebrate our VA nurses. Thank you for all you to in support of the VA mission and our nation’s heroes.

“To serve a population of respectful, appreciative, HEROES is a privilege,” Davis said. “Come join our team!”