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What a triumphant testimony!

A woman took to social media to share her ten-year journey from janitor to nurse practitioner at a Massachusetts hospital.

According to Good Morning America, Jaines Andrades recently began her new job as a nurse practitioner at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Massachusetts. However, Andrades journey at Baystate started years earlier, over a decade ago to be exact. When she first started working at the hospital, she was a janitor.

For five years, Andrades worked as a custodian at Baystate, building a great relationship with staff and patients alike. The community she built there motivated her to stay, beginning school to become a nurse practitioner while she was working as a janitor. Eventually, she became a registered nurse. After ten years of schooling becoming a nurse practitioner, and getting hired by Baystate just three weeks ago, working in trauma surgery.

Andrades shared her journey on Facebook alongside an image of 3 badges from each step of her career - janitor, a registered nurse, and nurse practitioner. She captioned the photo, “10 years of work, but worth it.” Andrades said she wears all three of the badges proudly and learned a valuable lesson at each level that helped her prepare for where she is today.

“I learned as a custodian that every part of the hospital and every person who works in the hospital is important. I hope that my story can inspire people who feel maybe discouraged by their past or where they come from. I just want to let them know if I can do it, anyone can,” Andrades said. 

Congratulations Jaynes!