Jul 04, 2022

Investigator- Experienced Level

  • National Security Agency
  • Fort Meade, MD, USA

Job Description

The NSA OIG is seeking a dynamic professional with the leadership skills necessary to direct the OIG Hotline and investigative staff in the Investigations office while acting as an Operational Desk Officer. As the Deputy Assistant Inspector General of Investigations, this individual will report to the Assistant Inspector General and be responsible for OIG Hotline oversight and management, all administrative tasks related to the operational and investigative support of the office, and overseeing/conducting investigations involving allegations of fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement, and employee misconduct. Responsibilities: Perform the duties of a supervisory investigator and be responsible for the day-to-day management of a professional staff (5-10 investigators) conducting investigations into allegations of fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement; misuse of Government property or funds; improper procurement practices; contract fraud; and other violations of law, directives or policies. Some investigations are conducted in conjunction with Federal law enforcement entities. Oversee operations support for the Hotline and investigative needs. Maintain the travel, training and equipment budget for Investigations. Serve as the Investigations training officer, assess training needs of investigative personnel to ensure training requirements are met to maintain licenses and certifications, and schedule training within the office's budget constraints. Develop investigative programs, procedures, and processes. Complete several reporting requirements, to include the Semiannual Report to Congress, the President's Data Call, and the Quarterly Report to the Director, NSA. Guide and direct team members to ensure successful and timely completion of complex and comprehensive investigations in accordance with Investigative Standards and practices. Evaluate work performance of subordinates and complete the annual evaluations of each subordinate investigator. Consult with the NSA Inspector General Counsel on matters involving interpretation of possible violations of laws, rules, or directives. Read, write and edit investigative processes, procedures, and reports to ensure they are clear and concise, coordinate priorities, and provide subject matter expertise. Perform the duties and responsibilities of the Assistant Inspector General for Investigations in their absence. Plan, conduct, and produce reports on investigations and audits. Research applicable authorities, policies, and procedures; interview witnesses; collect relevant documents and other evidence; analyze data; and report on investigative procedures, findings, and conclusions. **If selected, you will be required to complete a two-week training course at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, GA.

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) at the National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA) conducts independent oversight of the Agency which promotes respect for Constitutional rights; adherence to laws, rules, and regulations; and the wise use of public resources. The OIG also promotes economy and efficiency in the administration of, and prevents and detects fraud, waste, and abuse in, NSA's programs and operations worldwide. Through our value-added, transparent, and independent audits, evaluations, inspections, and investigations, we strive to positively impact the Agency. Our employees are passionate about OIG's mission, and it shows in our overwhelmingly positive climate survey results. Our leadership team is consistently lauded for its dedication to supporting work/life balance and employee development, as well as demonstrating respect, integrity, and honesty. If you're looking to join an organization with a unique mission, great people, and an amazing leadership team, the OIG is the place for you!

*The qualifications listed are the minimum acceptable to be considered for the position. Salary offers are based on candidates' education level and years of experience relevant to the position and also take into account information provided by the hiring manager/organization regarding the work level for the position. Degree in a related field (e.g., Criminology, Law, Law Enforcement, Psychology, Psychobiology, Cognitive Science, or Journalism) is preferred, but a degree in any field is acceptable. Relevant experience must include working as an investigator (e.g., law enforcement, inspector general, security, or fraud), grievance examiner, reporter, analyst, compliance officer, in positions dealing with law, in positions performing EEO functions (analysis, training, program management, case management, and policy development, etc.), or in an oversight organization (Office of General Counsel, intelligence oversight). Other relevant experiences involve analysis, interviewing, and report writing. Senior Entry is with a Bachelor's degree plus 6 years of relevant experience, or a Master's degree plus 4 years of relevant experience, or a Doctoral degree plus 2 years of relevant experience. A high school diploma or GED plus 10 years of relevant experience, or an Associate's degree plus 8 years of relevant experience may be considered for individuals with in-depth experience that is clearly related to the position. Expert Entry is with a Bachelor's degree plus 9 years of relevant experience, or a Master's degree plus 7 years of relevant experience, or a Doctoral degree plus 5 years of relevant experience. A high school diploma or GED plus 13 years of relevant experience, or an Associate's degree plus 11 years of relevant experience may be considered for individuals with in-depth experience that is clearly related to the position.

Experience in initiating and conducting investigations using investigative techniques and procedures is required. Experience investigating allegations involving computer misuse, and familiarization with computer applications used to process, search, and analyze electronically stored information and evidence is highly desirable. Experience in conducting searches of electronic devices, media, and documents for potential evidence using electronic forensic discovery software is desired. Applicants must possess the requisite skills to fulfill investigative responsibilities, including the: ability to initiate and conduct all aspects of investigations; ability to develop and implement strategies for gathering and analyzing information and evidence; proficiency at conducting interviews and interrogations within the context of an investigation; ability to analyze and evaluate complex and disparate evidence, draw sound and supportable conclusions, and make constructive recommendations; and ability to write clear, well-organized, thorough, and factual summaries of the results of investigations. As necessary, the selectee will be required to prepare cases for litigation, present facts to U.S. Attorneys, and assist them in preparation for trial or hearing. The selectee must possess excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills, including the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships, brief senior officials, and work both independently and in a team or collaborative environment. Applicants should have knowledge of Intelligence Community and Department of Defense directives and policies, Fraud Indicators in Procurement Fraud, procurement and contracting processes, Federal Rules of Evidence, and the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. Applicants should be familiar with conflict resolution techniques, coordination/approval processes, OIG processes, employee relations, ethics/standards of conduct law, interviewing techniques, performance measures, and process evaluation techniques. Applicants should be familiar with using desktop systems; and presentation, graphics, spreadsheet, and word-processing software. Applicants should be prepared for telework assignments as necessary, using personal computer systems to perform required duties. *Note: this is not a telework assignment.

This is a full-time position, Monday through Friday. Additional hours may be necessary. Salary Range: $126,233- $176,300 (Senior-Expert)