Feb 06, 2023

Security Analyst - Entry to Experienced Level (Maryland)

  • National Security Agency
  • Fort Meade, MD, USA
Finance Government

Job Description

Security Analysts apply Department of Defense (DOD), Intelligence Community (IC), and NSA policies, standards, and tradecraft to identify, analyze, understand, and assess counterintelligence and counterterrorism threats to NSA operations and equities. To accomplish this task Security Analysts examine all-source intelligence and develop assessments that predict, inform, and assist customers in understanding current threats, as well as to recommend countermeasures to manage risks. Security Analysts communicate their findings and recommendations to customers through a variety of settings and mediums including written products and in-person briefings. Security Analysts must acquire, develop, and maintain a well-rounded skillset that includes at least one of the following analytic focus areas: strategic, all-source, investigative/law enforcement, or financial. Responsibilities of a Security Analyst may include, but are not limited to: - Applying policy and regulations for vetting of security clearances and/or physical access - Using resources effectively and efficiently to arrange information in a useful manner - Obtaining, evaluating, organizing, and maintaining information - Disseminating information to appropriate internal and external parties - Creating a product based on analysis of security and/or counterintelligence data - Providing timely and accurate responses to requests for assistance, information, products, or services - Authoring routine and/or detailed documents such as assessments, reports, and memorandums

Security Analysts support the Security and Counterintelligence mission by collecting, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or collating data associated with counterintelligence, counterespionage, and counterterrorism information as it affects NSA equities. Analysis is communicated to customers, and when appropriate, specific tailored countermeasures are developed. Benefits of this position include directly contributing to NSA's ability to maintain a trusted workforce capable of meeting current and future needs of the NSA and the nation; opportunities to positively impact some of the most sensitive operations conducted by our mission partners; and, exposure to and ability to shape a broad range of U.S. government and Intelligence Community initiatives.

The qualifications listed are the minimum acceptable to be considered for the position. Degree in Criminology, Behavioral Science, Law Enforcement, Psychology, or Political Science is preferred, but a degree in any field is acceptable. Relevant experience must be in financial analysis, research analysis, intelligence analysis, risk assessment, or NSA security. ENTRY/DEVELOPMENTAL: Entry is with a Bachelor's degree and no experience. A high school diploma or GED plus 4 years of relevant experience, or an Associate's degree plus 2 years of relevant experience may be considered. FULL PERFORMANCE: Entry is with a Bachelor's degree plus 3 years of relevant experience, or a Master's degree plus 1 year of relevant experience or a Doctoral degree and no experience. A high school diploma or GED plus 7 years of relevant experience, or an Associate's degree plus 5 years of relevant experience may be considered.

The ideal candidate possesses a desire for continual learning, excellent problem-solving, analytic, and interpersonal skills, and: - Critical thinking skills, including the ability to remain open to alternate positions or analysis - Ability to research, develop, and write high-quality analysis and briefings on key topics of interest to the IC - Strong written and oral communication skills, including the ability to clearly convey complex information or technical data - Capability to work effectively both in independent and collaborative environments; - Creative problem-solving skills and initiative in carrying out mission responsibilities, based on supervisory guidance, in a fast paced environment - Ability to independently establish priorities and manage multiple competing actions while maintaining a customer focus and professional bearing A highly competitive Security Analyst candidate will also have: - Prior all-source analytic experience within the IC, law enforcement, or military with demonstrated knowledge of IC/DOD policy, procedures, and analytic tradecraft - An ability to apply knowledge of IC, military, and relevant customer organizations or operations to effectively translate requirements and provide appropriate responses to meet customer needs - Professional certification such as a Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Financial Planner, Accredited Financial Counselor, Loan Underwriting, or general -- Business/Financial background

Salary offers are based on candidates' education level and years of experience relevant to the position and also take into account information provided by the hiring manager/organization regarding the work level for the position. Salary ranges vary by location and work level. This position is hiring for Maryland only. Salary Range: $53,105 - $122,459 (Entry/Developmental, Full Performance) On-the job training, internal NSA courses, and external training will be made available based on the need and experience of the selectee. Monday - Friday, with basic 8hr/day work requirements between 0600 and 1800 (flexible).