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Future of Work 50

Future of Work 50

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Forbes Future of Work 50 was just recently published and it talks about important matters at hand - the evolution of work pre and post pandemic. The future of work may highlight more how work life has changed the past three years, from changes to work setup, staffing challenges and encompassing them, technology and tools that sprung to life to support in all aspects. More than these things, it is important to acknowledge that the past three years have also opened to some opportunities to improve our system, processes, tools and even our mindset and the top 50 of Forbes Future of Work are just about those - people and organizations who  continue to transform the  way we work. Among those honored are 


Iman Abuzeid

Incredible Health • Cofounder & CEO


Tope Awotona

Calendly • Founder & CEO


Andrew Barnes & Charlotte Lockhart

4 Day Week Global • Cofounders


Marc Benioff

Salesforce • Cofounder, Co-CEO & Chair


Euan Blair

Multiverse • Founder & CEO


Nicholas Bloom

Stanford University • Professor of Economics


Baxter Box & Amber Venz Box

LTK • Cofounders


Hayden Brown

Upwork • President & CEO


Katie Burke

HubSpot • Chief People Officer


Stewart Butterfield

Slack • Cofounder & CEO



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