Dec 19, 2019


  • Student, Future Software Engineer
Intern Biotech Design Engineering Entry Level Information Technology

Personal Summary

Although I may not have an immense background in engineering or coding yet, I hope to be given the chance to show what I can do. I am graduating with a Biology degree, however coding continued to interest me throughout these years in college. I realized I didn't want to pursue a career toward dentistry anymore, but instead found that my true passion lied in software engineering.

I have made it a goal of mine to work my hardest in these following months after graduating Spring 2020. Although not an easy path, I know with my determination I will be able to be just as competent as others in the engineering world. I hope for a great opportunity in which I gain the mentorship and developmental tools to become a better student and engineer. When I am passionate about something, I put forth all my efforts. I can guarantee that this new path I am following is one I want to accomplish. 


Bachelor of Science and Arts - Biology
Aug 2016 - May 2020 The University of Texas at Austin