Feb 22, 2021

Ryan Gold

  • Business Analyst
  • Lawrence, Kansas, 66046, US
Full time Finance

Personal Summary

My name is Ryan Gold. I will be graduating from the University of Kansas Honors Program with a double major in Finance and Data Analytics in May of 2021.

I believe I have always had a very different way of approaching problems and the world around me compared to my peers. While certain problems might be viewed as surface level to some, I have long been able to see the deeper meaning behind these challenges. In group projects throughout college, for example, I often provided thoughts and viewpoints that were very different from those of my teammates. While some of these viewpoints proved critical and value-added, others did not. However, I believe it always greatly enhanced the dialogue and out-of-the-box thinking within my groups and contributed to a more effective overall solution. In the business landscape, I believe groupthink is one of the greatest threats to an organization. As such, I have the ideas, knowledge, and courage to offer unique and creative ideas to help evolve an organization’s business practices.

In addition to my analytical abilities, I have many unique experiences and leadership qualities that make me an ideal candidate for roles that require a unique lens of analytical and financial thinking. Following my sophomore year of college, I secured a competitive internship at an Israeli news organization in Jerusalem. This year, I helped manage the security of my school’s designated COVID dormitory. As Treasurer of the Entrepreneurship Club at KU, and a Board member of Chabad at KU, I was given the responsibility of representing and guiding these clubs. These positions gave me an opportunity to utilize and grow my leadership, time management, and problem-solving abilities.

As I continue to grow my professional skills, I believe my academic accomplishments, leadership experience, and strong references are evidence that I am a unique and worthy candidate. Thank you for your consideration.